It’s official. I’ve canceled my PowWeb account

The previous iteration of Brainstorm Warning was hosted by PowWeb. I scrapped the previous site, which was based on Joomla, when I opened an account with MediaLayer (my current web hosting provider) and built a new site based on WordPress. As any cautious web site owner would do, I waited until I was certain the new site was in full working order to cancel my old web hosting account–which I did today.

I know this likely isn’t very interesting to those reading this post, but this is a cause for celebration for me. PowWeb might have been a fine host for a plain HTML site, but it handled complex applications like Joomla and Gallery 2 very poorly. The site speed was atrociously slow at times and outages were more frequent than expected. I’ve noticed a significant increase in site performance and speed since switching to MediaLayer, which in turn encourages me to do more with the site.


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