This site is like an iceberg

Just as 7/8 of an iceberg’s mass is underwater, so is most of this site’s content marked “private” and only available to approved users.

I don’t mind sharing my thoughts on import anime pricing, tips on popular video games, or random factoids with total strangers, but I’m not going to share drafts of my short stories, personal news, or pictures of geese with just anyone.

If you know me, whether in the real world or the virtual, then send me an e-mail (if you know me, you know at least one of my e-mail addresses or my cell phone number) with the username and password you’d like to use for the site and I’ll set up the account.

On a related note, I’m hoping to start writing technical “how-to” guides, opinions on technology and entertainment, and other content fit for public consumption soon. At the same time, I plan to dip my toe into the ocean of web site monetization and see if I can make a few bucks with this site. My search for a job in the traditional job market has not fared well, so I thought I might give a more non-conventional approach a whirl.

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