Port forwarding configuration for Unreal Tournament 3 co-op campaign play

Unreal Tournament 3 shipped with a campaign mode that was pretty meh if played alone, but much more fun if played with friends. Unfortunately, configuring one’s router to allow hosting of online co-op campaign games can be frustratingly complex. Epic has provided no official documentation on the subject, so UT3 owners have been left to figure out which ports to forward for themselves.

There are already several great guides with instructions on discovering your computer’s IP address, changing your router’s configuration, and forwarding ports, so I won’t cover that in this article.

You could place your computer in your router’s DMZ, but that opens all ports on the computer to the Internet and presents a serious security risk.

Instead, here’s a list of UDP ports (not TCP) you’ll need to forward to get online co-op campaign play working:

  • 6500
  • 7777
  • 8767
  • 9989
  • 13000
  • 49152-65535

I need to conduct further tests to determine whether all ports listed need to be forwarded to allow for online co-op campaign play, but I have personally tested these settings and they work for me when no other configurations I found during my long search worked.

4 thoughts on “Port forwarding configuration for Unreal Tournament 3 co-op campaign play

  1. 2 years i`ve been trying to host a game of ut3 i have tried all sorts of oports to no avail . i thought i would try another search for help ans came aceross this post and thought well i `ll try these ports and bugger me it WORKS …. THANKYOU SO VERY VERY MUCH

    • If you have a software firewall installed, verify that the ports listed are open on the software firewall as well.

      Beyond that advice, I don’t believe I can be of any further help. :{

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