Rhythm Heaven $12.98 at Amazon until 4 p.m. Central today

I don’t usually post about game sales on Brainstorm Warning, but I’ve had a special fondness for Rhythm Heaven (known as Rhythm Tengoku Gold in Japan) ever since playing the Japanese version back in 2008. One of Amazon’s Gold Box Deals for today (Monday, July 27) is 56% off Rhythm Heaven, bringing the price down to $12.98 USD.

If you’re interested in purchasing the game, hurry and click here! The sale ends in two hours (at 4 p.m. Central) and 55% of the discounts are already claimed at this time.

I don’t have any gameplay footage of Rhythm Heaven on hand (and I’d rather post this quickly than take the time to record and upload a video since the sale ends in two hours), so click past the break for commercials for the Japanese version of the game (same gameplay, different language).

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