Reading about hypoglycemia

I’ve suspected for a while now that I have hypoglycemia, a condition where the body has trouble regulating the amount of sugar in the blood. I’ve experienced most of the symptoms for as long as I can remember, but I just thought my body was just being troublesome. I won’t bore you with a lengthy explanation of how frustrating a condition like hypoglycemia can be; a quick perusal of the symptoms should give you a rough idea.

My wife and I already eat fairly healthy. We limit our intake of fatty foods, sweets, caffeine, and alcohol. We choose whole wheat breads whenever we have the option. We avoid fried foods. We try to work vegetables and fruits into our diet. We eat red meat only on rare occasions.

Still, symptoms of hypoglycemia persist in my daily life. In an effort to educate myself about the condition and create a dietary plan of action, I checked out the following four books from my local library:

I’ve only started reading Hypoglycemia: The Other Sugar Disease, but it’s been an educational read so far. I can’t vouch for the other three books yet, but I’ll try to post short summaries of each book as I read more of them.

I always thought I would just have to learn with my body’s quirks; I thought everyone got irritable and had trouble focusing or remembering if they didn’t eat often enough. Reading about hypoglycemia has been a welcome relief. Now I know that making changes to my diet can at least help reduce the severity of the symptoms. I didn’t intend for this post to be a long essay on my experiences with symptoms of hypoglycemia, so I’ll move on to the next topic.

There’s a lot of information on hypoglycemia out there–some of it conflicting–so I hope to figure out what works for me, personally, and maybe help others experiencing the same symptoms.

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