New Super Mario Bros. Wii game + lunchbox + T-shirt for $59.99 USD

Since New Super Mario Bros. Wii reads like a love letter to 20-something gamers who’ve played every 2D Mario title over the last two and a half decades, it seems appropriate that Amazon is selling a bundle with the game, a T-shirt, and–best of all–a New Super Mario Bros. Wii-themed lunch box for $59.99 USD: New Super Mario Bros Wii Amazon Exclusive Limited-Edition Bundle

Remember, New Super Mario Bros. Wii by itself regularly sells for $49.99 USD, so this is a pretty sweet deal. If you’re planning on buying the game anyway and have an extra 10 bucks to spare, please use the link above to help support Brainstorm Warning.

And yes, it’s been 24 years since I first played the original Super Mario Bros. and I’ve since (allegedly) outgrown lunch boxes, but my inner child lit up with innocent glee when I saw this bundle.

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