Platinum King Jewels do exist and I found them

I had started to think that Platinum King Jewels were a hoax concocted by malicious Dragon Quest IX players, but I finally collected a treasure map (Diamond Path of Woe Lv. 68) that led to a grotto with the legendary monsters on the 13th floor. Click past the break for proof.

Platinum King Jewels give approximately 204,000 experience points:


4 thoughts on “Platinum King Jewels do exist and I found them

    • I’d recommend leveling your main character to 99 before trying for a grotto map with Platinum King Jewels. (Leveling goes more quickly if you take only one or two characters on leveling excursions since experience earned is split between all party members.) This article on Tiny Cartridge was very helpful for me; you may also find it useful. I’d also recommend checking out the Dragon’s Den forums for helpful post-game information.

      Had to chuckle at the Captcha code. Funny stuff. 🙂

  1. Thanks! I’ve been meaning to try out that grotto map tool, so this sounds like a pretty good time to do it. Luckily I’m not that far from Lv. 99 with my main character- and since he’s currently a Paladin making heavy use of Forbearance, less party members will prolong his lifespan against most of the things I still have trouble with.

    I have more than a few maps sitting around I haven’t done anything with yet, so I’ll have to sit down and find out which ones have the best treasure.

    • Before loading up spare grotto maps, I recommend checking the names using the Grotto Calculator‘s “Analyze Name” tab. It can often tell whether or not there’s any chance at all of finding a Metal King Slime or Platinum King Jewel in a given grotto. It’s saved me quite a bit of time.

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