City Connection – I Stepped On the Cat

One of my favorite video game-related memories is playing City Connection and hearing my mother laugh when my in-game car would hit a cat, which would be sent flying diagonally off-screen. (The irony is that my mother has had at least one cat since before I was born and, along with my father, taught me to take good care of pets.) The expression on the cat’s face, combined with the comical music that played immediately after the collision, must have made an impression on her because she’s asked about “that game with the cat flying across the screen” on more than one occasion.

While reading Wikipedia today, I learned more about that classic scene:

Other enemies include a cat, which, when hit, causes the player to lose an extra life as the cat goes diagonally off the screen (but does not cause the car to “explode”) with ‘Der Flohwalzer’ played as a comical music (this famous music piece is know in Japan as ‘Neko funjatta’ (I Stepped on the Cat)).

Source: City Connection – Wikipedia

As a tribute to the video games I played during my childhood and to my mother, I’ve recorded in-game footage of City Connection for my first “official” gameplay video. Click past the break to view the short video.

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