Purchases from a local Game Crazy liquidation sale

Game Crazy is in the process of closing 200 stores across the United States. Yesterday, my wife and I visited a local Game Crazy where all items remaining in the store were 50% off.

I picked up the following:

AM CD/DVD Game Cleaner Manual Machine ($5, new). I bought this to replace a hand crank-style Maxell CD/DVD cleaner that I’ve used for about 10 years. One of the parts came off my Maxell CD/DVD cleaner years ago, but I still have it and just plug it back into place any time I needed to clean CDs or DVDs. The AM brand cleaner didn’t come with a lens cleaner disc, so I’m keeping my old Maxell disc handy.

Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand ($10, new?). When I spotted Boktai in the display case, I was somewhat surprised to see that it hadn’t sold already. For those not already familiar with the game, it’s a Gameboy Advance title that has a solar sensor built into the game cartridge. Playing where sunlight reaches the cartridge affects gameplay in interesting and creative ways.

On the drive home from Game Crazy and before I unwrapped the game, I felt a twinge of buyer’s remorse for buying a GBA game for $10 when I already have a backlog of games to get through. I was concerned that the solar sensor might just be a silly gimmick, but after playing through the game’s first mission, I found myself impressed with how the developers (Konami) incorporated the solar sensor feature without making the special hardware feel extraneous or tacked on. The game would be an impressive title even without special hardware, but the solar sensor adds to the experience.

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Video: Nekketsu Oyako (Thermal Blood Parent and Child) (Playstation)

Nekketsu Oyako is a beat ’em up also known as Thermal Blood Parent and Child or Hot Blooded Family. The game was released for the Playstation in December 1994 and for the Sega Saturn in July 1995.

On an interesting side note, the game’s first level ends with the player being swallowed whole by a giant whale. The “belly of the beast” trope was listed in a recent GamesRadar article entitled Myth in games.

Click past the break for direct feed footage of the first two stages with Rio selected as the player character.

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Japanese voice cast for Ni no Kuni: The Another World

Ni no Kuni (English title: The Another World), the Nintendo DS role-playing game collaboration between Level-5 (Dragon Quest VIII, Rogue Galaxy, Professor Layton and the Curious Village) and Studio Ghibli (My Neighbor Totoro, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away) looks amazing. The game will also features extensive voice acting.

Below is a list of Japanese voice talent for Ni no Kuni:

Source: Level-5 Shares Ni no Kuni Time Frame and Voice Cast