On the trailer for James Cameron’s Avatar

Judging solely from the trailer, Avatar is the sort of embarrassingly oversimplified, blindly anti-military, pro-ecoterrorism, trope-ridden narrative that has no place in the modern storytelling landscape.

You’re 17 years late, Mr. Cameron. Ferngully premiered in theaters in 1992–and 20th Century Fox at least had the common decency to market it as a children’s movie.

You might have been able to get away with this sort of schlock two decades ago, but Pixar and Miyazaki have since proven that animation, either hand-drawn or computer-generated, can tell deep and complex stories while still appealing to children.

It may well be that Avatar has the kind of moral complexity to engage a modern audience exposed to quality animated and/or science fiction films. There is precedent for great films with awful trailers. If that is the case, I suggest that Mr. Cameron fire the people responsible for compiling the Avatar trailer currently airing on television.