Port forwarding configuration for Borderlands online play

While hosting public Borderlands games, a few people have told me they’ve had trouble hosting games that other players could join.

I opened the following ports on my router and was able to host public games:

  • 7777 (TCP, UDP)
  • 27900 (UDP)
  • 28900 (TCP)
  • 28902 (TCP, UDP)
  • 28910 (UDP)

Consult your router’s documentation for instructions on opening ports as methods will differ according to router manufacturer and interface.

Please contact before registering an account

I’ve seen several new account registrations (many with e-mail addresses ending in .ru) with suspicious usernames. I’ve deleted all accounts with usernames I did not recognize (under the assumption that these accounts are created by spambots) in an effort to prevent unsolicited advertisements on the site.

If you are a real life human being and interested in creating an account, please use the Contact page to send me a very brief message to let me know you’re not a spambot. Even something as simple as “Yes, I’m a real human being” will suffice.

This method will still allow users to register new accounts while still keeping our user records clear of spambots. If this method doesn’t pan out, I may look at an alternative approach (though I don’t know what form that approach would take).

Fatal Frame 4 fan translation available, patches game on the fly

Bummed that Nintendo has no plans to localize Fatal Frame 4 (Japanese title: Zero: Gesshoku no Kamen) for a US or Europe release? Be bummed no longer.

A team of translators and developers have released a fan translation patch that allows English-speaking Wii owners to play Tecmo‘s and Grasshopper Manufacture‘s critically acclaimed horror game in their own language.

What’s particularly impressive about this fan translation is that it can patch a retail copy of the game on the fly, meaning that Wii owners will not need to “softmod” their systems or venture into legal “gray areas” to play the game with English language text.

To play Fatal Frame 4 in English, you’ll need to purchase Zero: Gesshoku no Kamen from Play-Asia or another retailer, download the fan translation patch, and install the patch according to instructions available on the translation developers’ site.

Aside from being great news for English-speaking fans of the Fatal Frame series, this patch opens a host of new possibilities for fan translations. With a 100% legal method of translating in-game Japanese text to English, other popular Japan-only Wii releases could receive their own fan translations.

Kanye West, music videos, and animation

Regardless of what you think of Kanye West, his character, or his music, it’s clear that his music videos reflect an appreciation of animation: