Hotel Dusk sequel Last Window released September 17

I’m nearly a week late with this post, but better late than never, eh?

Last Window: The Secret of Cape West, the sequel to DS mystery game Hotel Dusk: Room 215, released in Europe on September 17.

First, the bad news: Cing, the developer of both titles, filed for bankruptcy on March 1, making a North American release of Last Window highly unlikely.

Now for the good news: The Nintendo DS is not region-locked. This means North American DS owners can import Europe region DS releases and play the import games in their North American DS.

Hotel Dusk holds the honor of being the only game that my wife completed before I did (which is high praise for the game’s design, story, and characters). The little I’ve seen of Last Window promises more of the same, which, in this case, is a very good thing.

So if you enjoyed Hotel Dusk, like old school adventure PC games like King’s Quest or Grim Fandango, or simply enjoy a quality game with a good story, you can’t go wrong with Last Window.

You can purchase Last Window: The Secret of Cape West from Play-Asia. If you decide to pick it up, please use the link in the previous sentence to purchase the game and help support Brainstorm Warning.