How to play Soma Bringer on the Nintendo DS in English–legally

Want to play one of the greatest action RPGs ever but can’t read Japanese and don’t want to break the law? Then read on for instructions on how to play Soma Bringer for the Nintendo DS–legitimately.

Step 1: Buy a flashcart. If you have an original DS or a DS Lite, I recommend the R4 DS Revolution. If you have a DSi or DSi XL, I recommend the Acekard 2i.

Step 2: Buy a copy of Soma Bringer. You can purchase a new copy from (recommended) or a used copy on eBay.

Step 3: Back up your Soma Bringer cartridge. This step is a tad complicated, but there’s an excellent step-by-step guide over at RomUlation.

Step 4: Download the Soma Bringer Open Translation patch. You can read more about the patch at its official thread on the GBATemp Forums.

Step 5: Apply the patch to your Soma Bringer backup file. Instructions are included with the patch download linked above.

Step 6: Copy the patched Soma Bringer backup file to your flashcart.

Step 7: Insert the flashcart into your DS and play!